New London School Explosion: The Aftermath

The actual explosion of the New London School on March 18, 1937 was only the beginning of the saga that would come to grip this tiny Texas community for years to come.

From controversies over memorials for those killed by the blast, to the removal of Superintendent W.C. Shaw, to the final results of investigations in to the explosion, to ongoing coverage of the anniversaries of the explosions for years to come, the incident still haunts New London to this day.

In "New London School Explosion: The Aftermath," we bring you some of the history of the events occurring in the years immediately following the explosion.

What happened to New London Superintendent W.C. Shaw?

New London Superintendent W.C. Shaw was blamed by many for the explosion in its immediate aftermath. Find out what he did after leaving New London.

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How The New London Cenotaph Came To Be

How did the New London cenotaph memorial come to be? Many parents didn't want a memorial, and one Texas Congressman seems to have jumped the gun on designs.

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Investigating the disaster

The Texas Inspection Bureau released its report on the New London School Explosion a mere ten days after the incident.

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